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sábado, 6 de octubre de 2007

Rhapsody (Italia) - Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga (2003)

Recopilatorio de sta excelnt banda, q cambio su nombre a Rhapsody of Fire...

01 Warrior of Ice
02 Rage of Winter
03 Forest of Unicorns
04 Land of Immortals
05 Emerald Sword
06 Wisdom of The Kings
07 Wings of Destiny
08 Riding The Winds of Eternity
09 Dawn of Victory
10 Holy Thunderforce
11 The Village of Dwarves
12 Rain of a Thousand Flames
13 Knightrider of Doom
14 March of The Swordmaster
15 Power of The Dragon Flame
16 Lamento Eroico

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